Quick and easy firestarters

If you ever have trouble getting a fire going while camping or in the fireplace then this is the fire starter for you. Cheap and easy to make. My wife mentioned that she had made a fire starter once when she was in girl scouts out of egg cartons so of being of a curious mind I did a web search to find them. Something to save time making a fire in a downpour while out roaming the hills will always get a vote in my book. Yes I can make a fire in the rainstorms in the Pacific coast range but this takes a lot less time. It is a great feeling to have hot cup of coffee or fir needle tea when you are cold. Yes fir needles do make a good tea. Very high in vitamin C, and has a good taste as long as you don’t boil the water. But making tea from wild plants is going to be another post.

Materials needed:

  • empty egg carton
  • dryer lint or fine wood shavings
  • paraffin wax
  • some thing to melt the wax in.

First cut the top off of the carton so all you have is the egg part on the bottom. Next add the dryer lint to each egg dip until it is fairly full. You do not want to overfill with lint or when you add the wax it will spill everywhere. Then melt the wax and pour over the top of the lint until each section looks to be about half full of wax. Be careful when melting wax. If it gets to hot it will ignite, and it can easily burn you if you spill it on your hands. After you pour the wax let it cool overnight then cut up into individual cups. Each cup will burn close to 10 minutes each. The lint acts as a wick for a large candle. Quick simple and if you make it right it is nearly waterproof. Just light one of the cardboard corners to get it started

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