Long term food storage in case of a disaster.

It doesn’t matter what you are prepared for as long as you are prepared for the worst that nature can throw at you.  In the advent of a disaster there are three important things for surviving; shelter, water, and food.  They should be done in that order.  Today we will discussing the food part of it.  When a disaster strikes most people only have a little bit of food in the cupboards and what is in the refrigerator   During most disasters your power will be out so what you have stored in a freezer or fridge will only be lasting you a short period of time until it goes bad.

At a minimum you should store up to two weeks of non-perishable foods.  If your disaster lasts longer then that then you will have a lot more to worry about then how much food you have stored up (can you say Zombies!) But that is a different type of disaster that we can talk about later.

So what kinds of food should a person have in storage?  The obvious ones are canned goods and prepackaged foods.  These are good to have but can be heavy if you have to leave your home to find somewhere safe for shelter.  Most canned foods have an expiration date on them so remember to rotate them before it hits this date.  As long as the food is sealed in and the can is not dented it will still be good past the date but the flavors start to go the longer past it you get.

If you are going past having more then two weeks of food you will want to go to the foods that have long storage lives.  There are four basic foods that will last for incredibly long times if stored properly.

  • Oats: A very healthy food source with strong nutritional value; 10% of your grain store should be allotted to oats.
  • Wheat: This one should make up 50% of your food stores, and is the base of all your preparation
  • Beans:  A major source of fiber and protein, beans should make up another 20% of your total grains stored.
  • Rice: Commonly used throughout the world as a basic food source. Rice should make up approximately 20% of your total grain storage.

To actually use your wheat it is a good idea to grain mill to grind it into a flour.  You can find several online that are not to spendy.  Depending on what type of oats you get will determine if you need to use a grain mill on them also.  The best way to store your grains is in airtight containers with oxygen absorbers.  Stored correctly in airtight containers all of these grains will last 10 years or more with out going bad.  I use half gallon jars for mine with vacuum sealed lids on them.  The only bad thing about storing them in jars is that in an earthquake you have a good chance of them falling over and breaking.  So I also have some stored in vacuum mylar bags.  Storage in the bags is nice because if you are careful when sealing them you can flatten them down and make it so they are stackable.

Always remember to rotate your foods to prevent them from going bad in case of an emergency   Even being prepared for a small disaster puts you ahead of many of your neighbors and friends.  Be prepared and survive the coming Zombie apocalypse  or the whatever the world throws at you.

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