Retrieval of the Trail cams for the winter


Hiking through the woods is always fun, but it is even better if you can share the spirit of adventure with your children.  I think mostly she just wants to see where I put my trail camera’s, and see what kinds of wildlife pictures that they have taken in the last month.  I am hoping one of these days I will have a nice picture of a cougar on one of the cameras.  Over the years I have got pictures of bear, coyote, bobcat, deer and elk, but never a cougar.  I think my favorite pictures were with my old 35 mm camera that you could hear when it advanced the film.  There is a sequence of pictures where you can see the bear hearing the noise then coming to investigate and play with the camera.  When i retrieved the camera there was claw marks all over it and it was spun around the tree facing the other direction.

Not so many pictures on this trip.  Which is surprising since they are out for 3 weeks in what was a fairly active area last time I was out there.  Lots of deer and elk tracks three weeks ago.  I have a theory on why.  And the scratch marks from the following picture may be the proof from it.

claw marksNice claw marks that I found on the tree.  I think I know where I am going Cougar hunting this year.  But even if we didn’t get anything on the cameras I at least had a great time walking up the hill with my daughter.  The wild Katy monster



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