June Mountain Summit trail

  • Trail name: Mount June Summit Trail
  • Distance: 2.4 miles, 382 ft elevation gain
  • Elevation: 4518 ft at the peak.
  • Location: Cascade foothills east of Lookout Point Reservoir
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Fishing: N/A
Start of the trail up the mountain
Start of the trail up the mountain

This is a nice short hike through Douglass fir forests with a scattering of rhododendrons along the trail.  The peak of the mountain used to be used as a forest service lookout location.  There is very little remaining of the lookout.  From the top of the peak you have a great view of the area and can see Three Sisters and Diamond peak.  The trail may be short but the majority of the elevation gain is in the final quarter mile of the hike making it a bit steep for anyone just starting out hiking and not in that good of shape yet.  The trail opens up in late spring and is well worth the trip up.

about halfway mark
about halfway mark

Directions: Take I-5 south of Eugene, OR to Oakridge Exit 188A. Then follow Highway 58 east for 11.2 miles to Dexter Dam and turn right at the sign for Lost Creek. Go 3.5 miles to Eagles Crest Road and turn left over a small bridge. Take Eagles Crest Road 7.6 miles toa fork and veer left following the brown hikers sign. This is Road 20-1-14 and you will take this 2.6 miles to where the pavement ends and continue on on this road another 3.5 miles of gravel. You will then come to a small triangle of roads on the left. Take either left, the first or second one, they meet up in a few short yards. This is Road 1721 and you are only on this for .1 miles to Road 941 on the left. This road is somewhat steep and rutted and may not be the best for low-clearance cars. Take this road .4 miles to the trail head sign on the right.

Last bend before the final climb to the top
Last bend before the final climb to the top

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