Stout washed gouda experiment

I wanted something different to try with a Gouda.  I have done a hard cider washed gouda, and a blue cheese gouda (still aging),  On the hard cider gouda the flavor of the cheese overwhelmed that of the hard cider.  No one that tasted it could even taste a hint of the cider.  Even with out the apple taste the whole 4 lb round disappeared in less than a week.  I have decided that I know a lot of people who are addicted to my cheeses.  It is a good thing that I make a lot of it.  This is going to be made with my standard Gouda recipe except at the second hot water addition I am going to add a hot stout beer to it.  Hopefully it will give it a marbled look after pressing and aging.

Curds washing in the heated beer.
Curds washing in the heated beer.

Slight color change to the curds at press time.  More of a tan color then the normal white of gouda curds.  Smells great as it goes in the press.  Fresh curd smell with an after smell of the stout mixed in. If this works I may try washing the curds with a stout at both heatings to see if it intensifies the flavor of the stout any.  The great thing about this area is that there are so many breweries close by that I can get a unique stout from to test with.  I think i will use a nice Nikaski brew next time. I saw a Bacon gouda in the store I might try to make. I will update at cutting time for the stout gouda experiment.


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