bush beans

Continuing on my heirloom planting now that I have the corn close to a foot tall is my companion planting of bush beans to go with them.  I have two types of beans that i grew last year and saved for planting this year. Bush beans are great for planting with corn because they will not grow all the way to the top of the plant like a pole bean will.  I did this once with pole beans and they ended up suffocating the corn.  Both varieties of bush beans that I have only get 2-3 feet tall at the most.

the first one is a wonderful bean called the Calypso bean.

a beautiful and unique been
a beautiful and unique bean

One of the all time best for baking and soups! Calypso produces a dependable and early yield of 4–5 beans per pod on sturdy 15” tall plants. Also known as Orca or Ying Yang for its contrasting black and white colors with a dotted eye. Flavor is mild, texture is smooth. When cooked, beans double in size and retain their distinctive coloring. It takes 90 days to come to full maturity.  Dry them on the bush then harvest and store in an air tight container.


And the second bean is the tongue of fire bean.  It looks like a pinto bean when dry.  The pod is what gives it its distinctive name. Deep umber and burgundy with light mocha-colored markings, which resemble fire flames, Tongues of Fire beans originated at the tip of South America. Popular in Italy, Tongues of Fire have a fresh flavor and absorbent nature. Serve with savory spices and aromatic herbs in soups, stews and bean salads.

Shelled tongue of fire beans
Shelled tongue of fire beans
nice stripped tongue of fire pods
nice stripped tongue of fire pods




2 thoughts on “bush beans

  1. I am pretty sure I am growing the “tongue of fire” but the seeds I bought were called “Dragon’s Tongue” (basically a variation of the name you gave;) I will have to try the Calypso in the future, they are very cool looking!


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