Cargo trailer conversion project part one

Since I now have a teen that once in a while expresses interest in Kayaking with me I realized that unless I had some style of toy hauler trailer to be able to haul three full sized kayaks and the little mini one for the 7 year old I couldn’t do it on camping trips Luckily my wife was able to find an older style cargo trailer for fairly cheap. Now for the project of converting it to an insulated trailer for sleeping and just enjoying some camping.

The Trailer is a Tacom cargo trailer from 1975. I cant find any information on this brand so some more research is needed. Last year I built up a small trailer for hunting or just camping alone with my wife. It works great but it only sleeps 2 and even then there is not a lot of room for anything except sleeping.

16 foot dual axle on it
Nice to have a side door so the back end door does not need to be down all the time
Entire inside has a steel frame.
With this style of door it shouldn’t take much to quickly load kayaks and gear in
This back corner is the only real damage I need to fix

Overall there is not a lot of outside damage that needs to be fixed quickly. The back corner is crumpled a bit and the metal sheet ripped. The previous owner used nearly a tube of caulking to patch it. I will add some roof patch to his repair job before I start insulating this area. The front by the ladder has an old patch job that looks like it is just silicone caulk with some old mesh stuff pushed into it. Be best to remove and then also reseal.

Short little walk through

My plan for the trailer is to seal the two spots back up and then come up with a plan for where to wire lights inside. I would like to get the outside repainted before the fall rains start but as long as it is fully sealed and not leaking I am not to worried about that yet.


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