Grafting an Apple Tree: Tips for a Successful First Attempt

Grafting is a popular technique used for propagating fruit trees such as apple trees. If you’re a beginner looking to try grafting, you’re in the right place. In this post, I’ll share my experience of attempting to graft an apple tree for the first time, along with some tips and insights that I learned along the way. Read on to learn how to graft an apple tree successfully and boost your chances of a bountiful harvest.

Since I have never grafted anything before I searched the internet, and a couple books to see what the basics are for doing a graft. From everything I could see it is really a fairly simple process. Cut a small branch from the tree you want and put a V cut in the bottom. Then find the same size branch on the tree you want it and cut another V fork in it for the graft to fit in. According to my uncle the more bark that touches the better the graft takes. Since I prefer not to cut myself and I know I would I went to amazon and found this handy grafting kit.

First cut your two pieces that you want to fit together
Push your ends together and wrap it many times with the wrap that came with the kit. You want enough of it wrapped that it wont come apart.
To add some stability and support I also took a small branch and wrapped it also around the graft.
Since I had a cut off branch I also tried a different method where you peel back part of the bark and then insert a small piece into it.

I made a total of three grafts using the existing Fuji I have. Nice and sweet and crisp but not my favorite. I plan on getting some cuts from several old homestead apples to see if I can get them grafted to the seedling and maybe a couple others onto the existing Fuji. In a couple months I will see if the grafts took and write up another blog.

Short video on my grafting:

Update: Out of all the grafts I did I only had one of them take. I did learn that after you cut the branches you should not touch the cut wood or bark edges. The oils from you skin will block it from taking also


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