Day trips and hiking places in Oregon

A nice collection of  hiking/day drives that I write about from around Oregon.  So many nice places to visit in Oregon. And yes most of them will involve fishing. I have added the closest towns to many of them so it is easier to find them on a map.


Coast Range

Willamette Valley

West side of the Cascades and foot hills

Central Oregon and Eastern side of the Cascades

Several great books for the local areas

Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon: A Guide to the State’s Best Waterfall Hikes

Day Hiking Bend & Central Oregon: Mount Jefferson/ Sisters/ Cascade Lakes

100 Hikes / Travel Guide: Central Oregon Cascades

100 Hikes / Travel Guide: Oregon Coast & Coast Range

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9 thoughts on “Day trips and hiking places in Oregon

  1. Josh Blunt

    We recently went fishing/float tube at hidden lake and followed your info. Very helpful and extremely accurate. Caught lots of 6-10” trout. Coming from Eugene and looking for another quality place to visit? Linton lake possibly…


    1. Linton Lake is a great place to go. It is a fairly flat hike, and I have seen some very large brown trout swimming around in there. If you walk all the way around the lake there is a small waterfall just up the valley from the lake also.


      1. Gold lake is great for fly fishing. There does tend to be a lot of people there. On the road up to it there is a short hike to a pair of lakes that might be worth the walk (Marilyn Lakes). Smaller fish but less people. Odell at the top of the pass is great to fish for rainbows. If you are in float tubes just be careful of the wind. It can go from glass calm to high wind in 15 minutes.


      2. Josh Blunt

        Do you have any suggestions for creeks rivers within two hours of Eugene? Probably use spinners for that.


      3. Salt creek above the falls is good with spinners, Just a bit brushy. There are some nice rainbows and cutthroats in the Willamette from Dexter lake all the way to Harrisburg. Odell creek is catch and release but has a ton of small fish in it. the Creeks above Blue reservoir and Hill Creek reservoir used to have some decent fishing. When you went up to hidden lake if you didn’t try the river there you should. I have caught a lot of nice fish there in the 15″+ range over the years


  2. Josh Blunt

    Have you done any smallmouth fishing on the umpqua or do you primarily fish trout? I have heard some sections can be fantastic!


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