Caramelized onion Colby

At the request of several ladies in the Dermatology department, I am trying something different with the Colby.  All of them love the Colby and decided this would make it taste even better.  I have never actually caramelized onions before so this is something new for me also.

how to caramelize onions:

  1. Normally you add butter or olive oil to it while cooking but I have found with trying to add pesto to cheese that if you have any oil in your ingredient you will not have the curds knit together.  So no oil in these.
  2. Slice and dice your onions and saute them on medium until they start to soften. (about 5 minutes)
  3. Now add 2 tsp of sugar to sweeten them up and cook for another 20 minutes.
  4. Now you have a nice batch of caramelized onions.

    diced up onions are cooking up nicely
    diced up onions are cooking up nicely

After cooking the onions up I now have to let them sit and cool while I finished the cheese.  I am just using my normal Colby recipe, but I have left out the yellow coloring.  No more fake coloring for my cheeses.  Even the ones that are traditionally colored.  So today is the first white Colby that I have made.  One thing I have noticed in the past while making Colby is that my tap water is not cold enough to get the curds down to 80F.  So this time I took 2 gallons of water and chilled them down so I can get the temp down to where I need it to be.  I have noticed if you don’t get the temperature down low enough that the cheese is very soft and tends to flatten after it is removed from the mold. Even though it tastes great it looks kind of odd when you quarter out the wheel.  Almost like a pan pizza slice.  The onions were put in four layer into the cheese.  Hopefully the ladies that asked for the cheese will like it.  We will be eating one-quarter on thanksgiving so I will be able to update with a tasting update in a couple of weeks.