About me

For my entire life I have lived in one wild place or another.  Starting out in Southeastern Alaska, then going North to central Alaska.  And then finally down to Oregon and the Willamette valley.  Granted Oregon is not nearly as wild as Alaska is, but there are many places out there that you will never find another soul within miles.  This blog is a journey that never ends of the wilderness, and my journey to recapture many of the things that my ancestors did as a way of life.  From cheese making to foraging to exploring everything I can can find.  Yes the journey has lots of bumps and ruts along the way but that is what makes it better.  It is as much of how you get there, and not just getting to the destination. If there is any content or places you would like me to explore please comment and let me know. I have also started a youtube channel of my adventures with my fishing buddy Jeremy.

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